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While smoking, it was noticed its restorative and invigorate effect.

JWH-081 is an analgesic chemical from the naphthoylindole family, which acts as a. Legal Statusedit. As of October 2015 JWH-081 is a controlled substance in. China. Neurotoxicity of Synthetic Cannabinoids JWH-081 and JWH-210.

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The preparation JWH-210 (trip) stirs up lots of feelings in a man who has taken it: euphoria, stimulation, causes an excitement and produces a psychedelic effect. Before the ban some experimenters often used the following.

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Most likely, it was put under the ban because JWH-210 is a synthetic analog of cannabis. But despite this, some companies producing smoking mixtures continue to add the substance to their products composition until now.

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JWH 210 is a potent cannabimimetic alkylindole that has been identified in extracts from herbal blends JWH 210 6-ethylnaphthyl isomer is a positional isomer of.