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Disclaimer: Our mixture of traditional herbs and potpourri are enhanced with aromatic properties. These product are intended to be used as a fragrant potpourri/incense only. This product is not designed, intended, or suggested to be.

These blends are true herbal blends claiming to let you enjoy their unique and strongly relaxing properties. Super Crazy Incense has the best selection of liquid incense and herbal products at the best possible prices.

Both the manufacturers and retailers of this product take no responsibility for the incorrect use or misuse of this product. 2016 list of herbal incense products and blends include: WTF herbal potpourri, Bizarro, Mind Trip.

New line of liquid incense oil diffuser products including: Black Diamond Liquid Incense, Twilite Liquid Incense - 5mL, Third Eye Liquid Incense, ShamRock Aromatic Liquid. Other items include royal kratom capsules, buy royal salvia online.

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